Types of Auto Glass Tinting Products at Your Disposal

Tinting your auto glass will give your car an elegant and sporty look. It will protect its interior from sun damage and make your driving safer. So as you can see, doing such an upgrade is really worth it. But when you step in an auto glass tinting shop, you may get confused by the different types of tinting films. Here, you will see more information about them:

  • Dyed window film. This type gives the darkest effect and it is non-reflective. It is installed by placing dye between the adhesive and the top layer. Car owners prefer it because of its amazing aesthetics. Your vehicle’s upholstery will be protected from fading. It reduces the unwanted sun glare and blocks the unhealthy sun rays from harming your skin. However, if installed inaccurately, your dyed film may show unsightly bubbles.
  • Metalized window film. This is another good option for you. It contains a few layers. The base one is the adhesive, then another layer is placed to stop the ultraviolet sun rays, and the top one is a metalized layer to reflect heat. This tinting film blocks heat and glare very effectively. But it can interfere your radio antenna.
  • Hybrid window film. It is designed to offer the benefits of the above types. So, it has a dyed layer and metalized one, and a protective top coat. There are a lot of reasons why you should purchase this kind of film. It provides very efficient protection against sun glare and UV rays. Besides, the metalized layer included improves the durability and the strength of your car’s glasses.
  • Ceramic window film. As the name suggests, this type consists of an adhesive and a thin ceramic layer followed by a top coat. You may wish to consider this option because of its better protection from UV rays and glare. With this film, you will have a beautiful and classy car.

If you live in San Jose, CA and need the services of an established auto glass tinting provider, you can get in touch with us. Dr Tint CA is at your disposal. For any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach us at (408) 265-8468.

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